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Installing BHoM

We recommend using the BHoM Installer for most situations.

The latest installer can always be downloaded from

Make sure all instances of Rhino, Excel and Revit are closed when installing BHoM.

Contributors, as well as those who need a special version of a toolkit, may need to compile the source code themselves. Have a look at Getting started for developers.

Beta version

The main stable releases of BHoM are called "Beta". The beta release installer can be downloaded from the main download link. Beta is released quarterly and is subject to thorough testing.

Alpha versions

Daily alpha versions of the installer can be found here.

These will include any latest changes made incorporated on the main branch of the repositories. Testing before changes are merged to main is always conducted, so a good level of stability can always be expected. However, certain features may be subject to modifications or corrections until they become permanet features after the beta release.

Last update: September 20, 2023