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Check Ready To Merge

This check will confirm the pull request is ready to merge based on the following conditions.

  • Any requested changes have been addressed (changed to an approving review) or dismissed
  • The pull request does not have a status:do-not-merge label
  • The pull request has suitable labels for the change log - labels should be starting with type: to denote the type of pull request
  • The pull request has at least one approving review
  • The pull request has passed check-core and check-installer from BHoMBot

This check is done for all pull requests that are linked in a series. If any of the pull requests are not ready, then the check will report that none of them are ready. This is to protect against merging pull requests in a series that may be dependent on each other accidently, where one pull request is ready to merge but another is not. This protects the installer builds (where check-installer reports a pass to all pull requests because the changes are ok, but if one of the pull requests then isn't merged it will fail to build the installer later) as well.

Trigger commands:


@BHoMBot check ready-to-merge