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Revit Toolkit intro

Welcome to the Revit Toolkit documentation!

Here you will find information on what Revit_Toolkit can do for you as well as how to make that (and even more) happen.

Feel free to explore and raise an issue if you need or do not like something. Enjoy!


Revit_Toolkit includes a range of support classes and methods that extend the core BHoM to embrace the complexity of Revit. These, among others, are:

  • dedicated Requests supported by a range of filtering methods that allow specified queries
  • BHoM wrappers for Revit elements: Sheets, Viewports, IViews, DraftingInstances, ModelInstances etc.
  • general methods to process Revit elements and documents, mainly for conversion and adapter processing purposes

All relevant methods and classes are public, therefore other applications can be built upon the code base of Revit_Toolkit (see simple Forms app sample).