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BHoM change log

The change log is made by aggregating the notes from Pull Requests for each repository within the organisation. They are available here

Pull requests

To simplify the managing of the changelog it is best practice to note what has changed at the time of a pull request. The change log will be generated from the title and body of the pull request using the PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.

The Pull Request Title should state, in a simple sentence, what the Pull Request is changing. For toolkits, this should not include the toolkit title, however, for multi-project repositories it should. For example:

A Pull Request raised on the XML Toolkit to update Space Type will simply have the title of:

Update Space Type

Whereas a Pull Request on the BHoM_Engine to update the Environment Engine panel query will have the title of:

Environment_Engine: Update panel query to use names

If the changes are greater than a single sentence can describe, then in the Changelog section, describe the changes in a bulleted list. The bullet points are required and no other information other than brief definition of changes should be made in this section. The Additional Comments section is then for any additional information or more verbose context.

For example:

### Changelog

- `Query.Tangent()` Query method added in the `Structure_Engine` for `Bar` class

The entries made here will be mined for the next release and added to the changelog in one go.

Pull requests must also have a label defining their type - either feature, bug fix, test script, documentation, compliance, or other approved type of pull request. This is to aid categorisation of pull requests for the change log. Where a pull request might span multiple types (for example, a pull request adding a new feature and fixing a bug in the same work), then multiple type labels may be applied.