Sustainable Code at Scale

The Buildings and Habitats object Model

A collaborative computational development project and collective experiment.
By sharing and co-creating code we can better shape our environment and our future.

We want to circledchallenge the way we design and work today.

We want technology to be underlinedopen and accessible for all.

And we think that by working underlinetogether we can solve harder more impactful problems for the world.

An inclusive computational environment

Let's speak the same language

communicate sketch

We have transformed the way that we structure our code to better reflect the way humans think.

We have also designed the user interface to explicitly align with the code running behind it.

This results in an environment approachable and familiar for both software developers and designers/architects/engineers.

This also means our code is very honestly and transparently exposed to the user.

Visual scribbleStudio
visual studio menu
excel menu
scribble Grasshopper scribble
Grasshopper menu
scribble Dynamo scribble
Dynamo menu

More Design, Less Code

A framework for continuous experimentation

Parametrically control your favourite software

Interop just got easier! Using a common interface, the same objects can be dynamically pushed and pulled across multiple software.

Parametrically control your favourite software
Combine your tools

Pick and mix user interfaces to match your workflow. Seamlessly transfer data as if in one single environment.

Combine your tools
Curated yet extendable

Benefit from a community created object model.

Don't limit yourself though! If it's not there, extend or make your own.

Curated yet extendable