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Revit Toolkit intro

Welcome to the Revit Toolkit documentation!

Here you will find information on what Revit_Toolkit can do for you as well as how to make that (and even more) happen.

Feel free to explore and raise an issue if you need or do not like something. Enjoy!


Revit_Toolkit is a set of tools that enable and support exchange of information between BHoM and Revit. The heart of the process is the Adapter that links Revit with BHoM. It allows for the following actions:

All Adapter actions can be taken from any of the BHoM-supported UIs: Grasshopper and Excel. Push and Pull include conversion from Revit and to Revit, which is being triggered on the fly. This conversion is an integral part of Push and Pull Adapter actions - besides simply translating Revit elements into BHoM objects, it ensures correctness of the units and, in general, allows representing Revit objects outside of Revit context.

More info

Sections below explain the practicalities of that process, while its code mechanics is discussed in Coding-with-BHoM section.