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View Quality Conventions

This page describes the view quality conventions that are used within the BHoM. The description is intended to be a non-technical guide and provide universal access to understanding the methods of calculation of different view quality metrics. Links to the relevant methods are provided for those who wish to view the C# implementation.

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Measure Cvalues

Method in Humans_Engine cvalue calculation

Find focal points

Method in Humans_Engine focalpoint

Measure Avalues

Method in Humans_Engine

Avalue is the percentage of the spectator's view cone filled with the playing area. overview


Measure Occlusion

Occlusion is the percentage of the spectator's view occluded by the heads of spectators in front. occlusion occlusion

Measure Evalues

Method in Humans_Engine

Description coming soon...

Background Information


Hudson and Westlake. Simulating human visual experience in stadiums. Proceedings of the Symposium on Simulation for Architecture & Urban Design. Society for Computer Simulation International, (2015).