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Handling of parameters on Pull

On Pull, the parameters of a Revit element get wrapped into RevitParameter objects, which are collected in RevitPulledParameters fragment attached to the BHoM object representing the element. Such parameters can be queried in two ways:

  • all in one go using GetRevitParameters method
  • value of a particular one using GetRevitParameterValue method

Parameter mapping

It may sometimes happen that different families have the same value stored under different parameter names. In such case, there is a need to map the values from more than one source into a single set. This can be done with the use of custom mapping settings that are part of Revit adapter settings.

Note: The concept of parameter mapping is easy to use, but complex to explain. Therefore, it is recommended to first look at the examples here and here in order to understand the practicalities of it. More details can be found here.