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Revit Remove in Grasshopper

Note: Before reading this page, it is recommended to have a look at Using the BHoM section.

Having the adapter successfully set up, one can start interacting with Revit. In general, Remove action is very similar to Pull (although instead of pulling it deletes elements). Remove component behaves like a standard Grasshopper component, so can be placed on canvas with a standard double left click action. Request, on the other hand, is a solely BHoM type, therefore it is easiest to invoke it with Ctrl+Shift+B menu, with an alternative of using CreateObject component (CreateRequest is currently on prototype stage and does not capture all Requests).

The example below shows a simple exercise of deleting all Revit sheets using category filter. There is a few details that might be worth noticing: - FilterByCategory allows to switch off case sensitivity. This is a general use for most name matching components in Revit_Toolkit. - Remove will not run as long as it is not activated (active == true).

Remove in Grasshopper

More examples is available in Remove examples page.