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Revit Adapter setup in Revit

BHoM is communicating with Revit via a dedicated plugin. Once BHoM is installed (or Revit_Toolkit compiled, if built from source), it should automatically load on startup of Revit 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Activation of the plugin may be required upon starting Revit for the first time after BHoM installation. Simply click Always Load not to see the popup again:

Security Warning

After that, if the adapter has been successfully loaded, it should be visible in the BHoM ribbon tab in Revit Adapter panel.

Revit Listener

In order to activate the adapter, the user needs to click Activate - Revit then starts to listen for BHoM instructions on default ports (14128 and 14129). As explained in the introduction, only one Revit instance is allowed per each port couple - the latter can be changed by clicking Update Ports button.