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Severity - Warning

Check method - Here


This check ensures that if you have set any Input attributes to have UIExposure.Hidden, they are the last parameters in the list of the method.

This is because inputs which are being hidden from the UI are likely to be of a lower priority than those being displayed, and should not get higher precedence in the method signature, particularly when displaying the method to users.

This is however just a warning, and final say will rest with the relevant maintainers of the repository.

An example of the check failing is given below.

[Input("environmentObject", "Any object implementing the IEnvironmentObject interface that can have its tilt queried.")]
[Input("distanceTolerance", "Distance tolerance for calculating discontinuity points, default is set to BH.oM.Geometry.Tolerance.Distance.", UIExposure.Hidden)]
[Input("angleTolerance", "Angle tolerance for calculating discontinuity points, default is set to the value defined by BH.oM.Geometry.Tolerance.Angle.")]
public static double SomeMethod(this IEnvironmentObject environmentObject, double distanceTolerance = BH.oM.Geometry.Tolerance.Distance, double angleTolerance = BH.oM.Geometry.Tolerance.Angle)
    return 0.0;

In this example, the second Input attribute for distanceTolerance is setting the UIExposure to be Hidden, but the third method parameter, angleTolerance, does not have the same UIExposure (the default being Display). This would flag with this compliance check.

To correct this, we can either set angleTolerance to also have a UIExposure.Hidden, or change the tolerances around so that angleTolerance comes before distanceTolerance in the argument list.