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Using the BHoM

The BHoM has been built from the ground up with the aim of enabling participation in computational design across the broadest skill sets and areas of expertise.

This means there are a number of different entry points to get started with using the BHoM depending on what you want to acheive and what your background is.

BHoM Visual Programming Plugins

BHoM Visual Programming

BHoM encourages thinking about design as simple modular workflows and data models:

inputs, processes and outputs

BHoM is therefore a perfect fit for flow based visual programming!

We have two community developed and supported plugins giving access to BHoM functionality in our favourite and most widely used computational design environments.

BHoM for Grasshopper and BHoM for Excel

One great place to start is therefore our introductory guide: Getting started with the BHoM in visual programming

This is also a good entry point to explore many of the basic concepts of BHoM.

BHoM as a Framework to build your own tools

The BHoM has been designed as an open framework, ready to be be built on top of, extended and customisied. Being open source all the code is fully explorable on GitHub. So if you are a coder see our guide to Getting started with coding in the BHoM for developers.

We can't wait to see what you build!

BHoM as an Open Source project

If you are already experimenting with the BHoM we would love to know about it. See our Getting started with contributing page.