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AssemblyInfo compliance


Severity - Fail

Check method - Here


Assembly Information

This section is only valid for projects utilising the old-style CSProject files, where an AssemblyInfo.cs file is present. If an AssemblyInfo.cs file is not present, then the compliance of this information can be found here.

Each DLL should have suitable assembly information to support automated processes and confirming the version of the code which the DLL was built against. This includes these three items:

  • <AssemblyVersion>
  • <AssemblyFileVersion>
  • <AssemblyDescription>

The AssemblyVersion should be set to the major version for the annual development cycle. This is set by DevOps, and will typically be a 4-digit number where the first number is the major version for the year, followed by three 0's - e.g. for the 2022 development calendar (note, development calendars are based on release schedules as outlined by DevOps, not any other calendar system).

The AssemblyFileVersion should be set to the current development milestone, which is the major version followed by the milestone, followed by two 0's - e.g. for the development milestone running from June-September 2022.

The AssemblyDescription attribute should contain the full link to the repository where the DLL is stored, e.g. for DLLs where the code resides in Test_Toolkit.

At the start of each milestone, BHoMBot will automatically uptick the AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion as appropriate, and set the AssemblyDescription if it was not previously set. However, if you add a new project during a milestone, BHoMBot will flag these items as incompliant if they have not been resolved prior to running the project-compliance check. These items can be fixed by BHoMBot if you request BHoMBot to fix the project information.