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Severity - Fail

Check method - Here


The HasDescriptionAttribute check ensures that a method has a Description attribute explaining what the method is doing for users.

You can add a Description attribute with the following syntax sitting above the method:

[Description("Your description here")]

If you have not used any attributes in your file previously, you may need to add the following usings:

using BH.oM.Base.Attributes;

using System.ComponentModel;

Description authoring guidelines

We should be aiming for all properties, objects and methods to have a description. With only the very simplest of self explanatory properties to not require a description by exception - and indeed only where the below guidelines can not be reasonably satisfied.

So what makes a good description?

  1. A description must impart additional useful information beyond the property name, object and namespace.
  2. Further to a definition, the description is an opportunity to include usage guidance, tips or additional context.
  3. The description is a place you can include synonyms etc. to help clarify for others in different regions/domains, being inclusive as possible.
  4. Also don't forget the addition of a Quantity Attribute can be used now, appropriate for Doubles and Vectors.