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Introduction to Bots in BHoM

Bots are a handy way of supporting our BHoM Community in delivering outstanding work. The official DevOps strategy for BHoM says:

Reducing cognitive overhead on developers frees us up to perform outstanding developments

Using bots is a large part of this, reducing the need for human maintainers to perform repetitive actions, or actions which follow a strict set of rules and can be easily automated.

We want to reduce human time spent on tasks which are repetitive, or tasks which can be easily automated. Therefore DevOps maintains this bot strategy to support, and free up our maintainers and community members to perform their best work without needing to remember the minutia involved in development.

Code of Conduct

Any bot which interacts with our BHoM Community is bound to adhere by our Code of Conduct for Bots which is reviewed periodically by the DevOps team.

Bot synonyms

Occasionally bots may be referred to by other names, such as pipelines, actions, and copilots. For the purposes of DevOps strategies, all of these are considered to be types of bots which may assist our work in their own defined fashion. Where we use the term bot in within DevOps, we are referring to any type of bot that can perform actions in the absence of all or some human involvement.

Adding to our bot family

If you have an idea for our bot family, either as an addition or our maintained bot (BHoMBot) or an externally provided bot-like action, please feel free to raise a discussion item - our DevOps team don't know of every tool on the market and always welcome new ideas from our community