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Explicit mapping of Revit families to BHoM types on Pull

In some cases, on Pull, the elements of one Revit API type and belonging to one Revit category are meant to be converted into a few different BHoM types. An example of this may be FamilyInstance belonging to Mechanical Equipment category - this potentially could be converted to multiple BHoM types, such as Exhaust, Fan etc. This would not be possible out of the box, but can be achieved using family maps in MappingSettings.

The picture below shows an example of MappingSettings structured in a way that will map elements from families BHE_GenericModels_OpeningRectangular_Wall and BHE_GenericModels_OpeningRectangular_Floor to BH.oM.Architecture.BuildersWork.Opening, plus it will map the BHE_Height parameter to Height property of the output BHoM object as well as BHE_Width to Width.

Mapping has been also covered in the Pull examples.