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Severity - Warning

Check method - Here


The IsUsingCustomData check highlights whether code written within the BHoM is utilising in any capacity the CustomData variable associated with all BHoMObjects.

CustomData is available for volatile data, useful for users within a Visual Programming environment to append data to an object that the object can carry around. However, this data is not designed to be relied upon within the code of toolkits or engines themselves.

The use of Fragments is preferred for storing data being pulled from an external source, and would be the most appropriate replacement for CustomData in most instances of the code base. Some exceptions to this do occur however, and are treated on a case-by-case basis by the governance and CI/CD teams. It is advised to avoid using CustomData where ever possible in the first instance.

More information on the reasons behind this can be found on this issue documenting the discussion behind this.