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Revit Adapter setup in Grasshopper

Note: Before reading this page, it is recommended to have a look at Using the BHoM section.

In Grasshopper, Revit Adapter with different values can be set up in literally few clicks. The adapter component can either be created based on CreateAdapter component or with Ctrl+Shift+B menu. Once the Adapter component is placed on canvas, its active input needs to be set to true - that is the moment when the connection between Revit and the Adapter is being established. IsValid query allows to check if the adapter has been set up correctly on the BHoM side.

In case of any issues, as a first line of bugfixing, it is recommended to deactivate and activate the adapter again (switch active == false and again, active == true).

Adapter Setup in Grasshopper

Once the adapter can be successfully activated, settings can be further specified - the animation below shows how maximum timeout has been quickly changed to 60 minutes (default is 10, which may be not enough for massive adapter actions) using Ctrl+Shift+B. It is worth noting that required input type can be looked up by hovering the mouse over a certain input.

Adapter Settings in Grasshopper