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Getting started for contributors

Great to see you here! 😊 There are a number of ways to contribute and get involved in the the BHoM.

Ways to get involved

Contribute to this documentation!

Perhaps you are already using the BHoM and have some tips to share? Or think that the documentation is lacking detail in places? Have you got an example or tutorial you would like to share? Your contributions to help make this documentaion better is very welcome! 🎓See editing the documentation.

Also if you've published some samples or tutorials somewhere else online, let us know! We would love to hear about it! 🤟 Feel free to share in our BHoM discussions

Contribute code

Want to hack? 💻 See the Getting started for developers guide.

Want to fix an open issue? See resolving an issue and then do a branch and PR targeting it.

If unsure, raise a BHoM discussion to start a conversation and see how you can contribute.

Contribute with new ideas or flagging issues

Found a bug? 🐛 Have an idea for a feature? 🧠
Feel free to raise new issues if they don't exist already, but please do a search in advance.

Read more about submiting an issue.

Start or join discussions

Join the discussion on existing issues and pull requests, or open a new question issue to ask about any aspect of the BHoM code or toolkits.
Also do feel free to ask questions or join the conversation on BHoM discussions 📣

Suggest a new Toolkit

Use an application that does not already have a BHoM Adapter? Reach out on and let us and others know what you'd like to see. 🙋

Building a new BHoM Toolkit yourself?

We'd love to hear from you as we may wish to help you maintain it. 🚧

See also the BHoM GitHub Contributing page for more ways to get in touch.

Do also take a look at our code of conduct (we also have one for bots too if that is you? 🚧 🤖)