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Revit family library

FamilyLibrary is a settings object allowing for loading missing Families and Family Types to the project. It can be attached to RevitAdapter by setting RevitSettings.FamilyLoadSettings.FamilyLibrary property. On Push, if a requested Family or Family or Family Type is not loaded to the project, the adapter will parse the specified library in search for it. Once found, it will be loaded on the fly.

Following order will be considered when seeking requested Family or Family Type:

  1. Families already loaded into the project
  2. Families found in FamilyLibrary provided

The script below shows how to supply families from C:\Desktop\MyLibrary folders to the adapter, so that it could load them automatically.

Family Library Script

FamilyLibrary also helps querying the .rfa files present in the folder. Once created, it contains a collection of RevitFilePreview objects that contain basic information about the family contained in each file: category, family name, names of family types etc. All this information can be easily extracted by using a sequence of Explode components.

Query Family Files