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For those coding in C#, you will see that the namespaces are matching the 4 main C# project categories: oM, Engine, Adapter and UI.

All code that exists within BHoM should start with a BH namespace.

Then, namespace suffixes are added to the base BH namespace via dots, depending on the code. Schemas (types, i.e. classes, interfaces and similar) should always fall into an oM namespace. Methods should go into an Engine namespace, Adapters into an Adapter namespace and User Interfaces into an UI namespace.

Therefore, anything in BHoM should fall into one of the following namespaces:

  1. BH.oM

  2. BH.Engine

  3. BH.Adapter

  4. BH.UI

Scope-specific namespaces

In general, anything in BHoM will target either a specific discipine, or group of concepts, or a software. For example, geometrical concepts like Point, Line and so on all have something in common: they are Geometrical concepts. Similarly, a Column and a Room can be defined as Architectural concepts. Therefore, namespaces typically should define which kind of scope they target. Example namespaces you can find are: - BH.oM.Geometry - geometrical schemas - BH.Engine.Structure - methods applicable to Structural concepts - BH.UI.Grasshopper - functionality related to a BHoM User interface targeting the Grasshopper software.

Last update: March 17, 2023