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Creating a new repository

All of the repositories within the BHoM organisation contain only curated and strongly controlled code. The aim is to provide a coherent set of tools that are all compatible with each other. As well as clear and robust quality control, review and testing procedures - enabling release across a wider part of the practice.

For more details on the organisation of the BHoM repos See Overview of the Structure of the BHoM and the other links from within What is the BHoM?

Setting up a new Repo

Following the clarification of the best location for different code above - instructions on how to create a new BHoM Repo with the correct settings:

  1. Name the Repo SoftwareNameOrFocus _Toolkit. It will always end in Toolkit see explaination here

  2. Make sure the Public option is selected.

  3. Under Settings -> Options. Ensure only Rebase merging is enabled


  1. Add a Team under Collaborators and teams

  2. Under Branches. Set the main Branch as protected with the following settings (click edit on the right-hand side of the listed main branch)


  1. If you don't have a team for that repo yet, you can create it here. Make sure the team has the same name as the repo and that you have added the repo into its list of repositories with the the "Write" access level. Now you should be able to link it in the branch setup page above.

Initial Content

TODO: provide details about: - Readme file - License file - gitignore file - VS template

Last update: September 20, 2023